Monday, July 15

An 80th Celebration!

We were up at the Bay for most of the week...
...amazing weather...sandcastles galore!!

..the weekend culminated in the celebrations at the Midland Hotel on Sunday.
...80 Years built!...

So out came the vintage dresses...very Morecambe now anyway with more and more vintage and collectibles in the shops.

We went for the ice cream and afternoon tea.
...vanilla ices...
...and coffee actually with home made almond cakes from one of the stalls...
...I loved their aprons...want one!!

We sat for hours and people-watched!
...lots of people did...I like to think that maybe this glamorous woman remembered the days of the hotel's youth...she certainly was captivated with the music...

...we also listened to the jazz singer ...Harri Deane...singing those 1930 songs....sang along...couldn't help myself!

...then I did a bit of "cherry-picking" from the stalls which were laid out beneath Eric Gill's famous NW Coast line Relief. devoree jacket and some rabbit moulds for the southern grandgirls...they have just become the besotted owners of bunnies!!

.....outside patient donkeys were doing their duty with little children...
..though I suspect it was more of a photo opportunity for the parents!

...and Pimms with strawberries was drunk ...

... the hotel lounge hosted a Palm Court band ... gently lulling those folk in the armchairs to sleep....
...the chairs positioned over the rug designed by Marian Dorn in the 30s.

(I still remember "The Arcadia" in Portrush in the late 40s ...the palms ...the ice cream and the band....) can just see the rug here.....

Stalls aplenty...

 traditional sweets...

..and .lots of 50s glitz...

...a sunset to drool over...

...dropping down behind the western lakes.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day!

    1. some days are just plain special Dana!!

  2. Oh my god... I've got one of those rabbit jelly moulds. It's difficult to tell from the photo, but I think mine is probably a bit bigger.

  3. well now dear Cro...that doesn't surprise me in the least as you are obviously a man of taste!! thankyou!

  4. Gerry what a wonderful day. I would have loved to be there. The songs and everything. I love those songs and to sing them too! This elderly woman is still beautiful, but she must have been a very beautiful wwoman when young. Sometimes it makes me feel sad, but we cannot change time. Just enjoy the NOW! I love those happy photos! Thank you for cheering me up!
    Grethe ´)

    1. thankyou has the most wonderful sunsets...but of course only when the sun shines and it has this year...still shining!!

  5. Super photographs Gerry - it is not so long since the farmer and I drove over there to look at the hotel - very grand and beautifully restored we thought. I have always loved the sands at Morecambe.

    1. so glad you went Pat...Morecambe has changed quite a bit since we managed to get the house there 11 years ago.

  6. Ah, mine in September, so from a near-octogenarian to a fully-fledged one, hearty congratulations. Thanks for the lovely post.

  7. utterely lovely! thank you for sharing this amazingly rich adventure. love the green glassware.

    1. thankyou Nicole....there were some wonderful german ceramic pots and glass pieces there....


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