Wednesday, June 5

Simply Donaghadee.

I have already written about this magic town...this nowhere place...this shining white and dazzling blue spot on the edge of Ireland.
Not the west where the elements suck and blow you out of your dimensions...and the air around you is thin... in that very celtic way it has with it. this is the east coast.
This is about a very small conurbation  hanging on to the side of the Co Down coast. This is little more than a line of houses strung along a road leading to a sparkling lighthouse at the end of a harbour walk.

But this was the town of my young dreams...where plans were made to buy a little house ...
...a little shop maybe and bake some scones...bake crisp melt-in-the-mouth shortbread...lather victoria sponge with strawberry jam and sugary icing in the inimitable way that Mary and Helen ...the two sisters who brought me up... along with Dougie dad...taught.

Every girl in those days, knew how to make these basic confectionaries.
You could surely start a business with those basic skills under your belt...
...couldn't you?

But I left my land...I married a potter.. here in the north of England....I raised a family and then...
...yes I did start a business...cake and tea at the Potters House Penketh...for a while...for  seven years.

Last week I went back. I took two of the blessed grandgirls over the water to the auld land.
With the lovely sister...Rosie.. we followed the road down to the coast ...
... the sun shone ...and the wind was biting...but the little town embraced me once again in all of it's apparent innocence...


I could give you a running commentary on the various pics!....

...but I think they speak for themselves... I shall shut up and hope that you enjoy this lovely part of the Isles of Britain...

...except to tell you that ...this is the house where you can buy your dulse!
...what! you've never heard of dulse?...
...seaweed gathered on the local beaches...
...highly prized by Japanese and yet... only 20p.a bag...
A bargain!

...oh and yes ... really is that blue and least when the sun shines!


  1. Just send me the shortbread general Delivery Detroit. I haven't had any good pieces since my Granny passed...she was a Casey.

    Beautiful place there, just think 180 opposite and you have all the pictures of Detroit you'll ever need Gerry.

  2. Ahhh Mark... you lovely walking man...might have known that there was that Irish granny in there needs the easy touch of a celtic baker to get the crispness!!!

  3. How could you bear to leave it Gerry? My post today asks whether everyone has this 'draw' back home - I can see you have it in abundance and judging from the pictures I can see why. That crystal clear light for one thing.

    1. I think that the earliest memories must be so deeply entrenched in our subconsciousness that the draw is always to the mother/father home....though I would not easily leave my present situation!!

  4. It looks very serene; and no kiss-me-quick hats.

    1. they kiss you quick there even without the hat!! At least they did when I was young "in the old days"!

  5. What a lovely place to go home to! Thanks for taking us along...

    1. Such a small place ...but so memorable. Dana.

  6. How beautiful it is, this town, I understand why you love it so much. It would be great to live in a town like this, but maybe just for a while??
    I love the blue , this amazing blue. It makes the world so beautiful. Me and my family have sometimes said: what if the sky was red and the forest was black. NO!! The colours we've got in this world are the most beautiful.
    The red in the red door is great too, as a contrast.
    All the best
    Grethe `)

    1. It's a place to return to and then....go back home to reality again Grethe....somewhere in my dreams.


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