Monday, May 20

Sun up...Sun down...

Bird song...loud enough to wake the sleepiest...
...daylight creeping through the gap in the curtains earlier and earlier...
... and I creep out of the bedroom without waking the sleeping potter...
...down the creaking stairs...why do all stairways creak?...
...kettle on for a cuppa and a hottie...a hottie?...well I'm going out into the garden and traipsing down the field to the summerhouse with camera and book and a hottie just in case it's a wee bit chilly down there.
...snuggle up into a wicker chair with a  blanket 
tucked over my!

The sun is just rising at the front of the house and a mist has turned the trees to pale gold...

...six in the morning ...and all is well...

....and the sun makes it's way through the alleyway  where the sunbeams dance in the mistiness...

...soon the mist  dissapates and the old apple tree receives the strengthening sunbeams  
filling the path in the potter's allotment...

I settle down to listen to the birds...and watch them search for food in the dew washed grass... to keep their progeny plump and happy.

The working day soon takes over 
and the garden is deserted.

But evening brings with it the western light...low in the sky...and a glimpse out of a window reveals another garden altogether... mist here...
... the air is sharp for a May day this year... but that brings with it  hard light and long crisp shadows stretching along the grass.

...the blue of the bluebells seems almost iridescent in this light...
... May's foliage is soft and emerald green...
..the smell of the bluebells intoxicating.. draws me out..back down the path ...
...under the arch..
..into another world.


  1. What a beautiful garden you have. Fruit trees in flower, piles of compost on the veg plot, what could be better!

    1. thankyou Cro ..that is indeed a lovely thing to say as I love your garden and posts!!

  2. I envy you, the early riser, who can cat shots like this. Atmosphere!

    1. thankyou RuneE...I'm hoping to have a trip to your lovely country this year as a special for one of those "0" birthdays!!

  3. With your artistic talent Gerry what I want you to do with this post is to make it into a tiny book - perhaps with a fabric cover and maybe even fabric pages. The photographs - and the text - are so beautiful that it is a shame not to do something with it. That garden is a dream.

  4. Stairs creak because they are not real tight to the risers, they are attached but just worn.

    Dang Gerry that is a beautiful piece of property and i can see why your creativity is always alive.

    1. thankyou Mark. I'm very blessed by the piece of land that came to us for naught as it's useless for building...good!!

  5. Replies
    1. Nini it is at the moment just beautiful ..people are coming just to see it!!

  6. You know what I like the best?
    Bird song...loud enough to wake the sleepiest...
    some lovely pictures here.

    1. thankyou's a wonderful time of year mid May and the flowers have almost seeded themselves even though the winter was so fact maybe because the winter was so harsh!!


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