Tuesday, April 16

The Leveret.

I was out with a couple of friends yesterday evening...when one of them mentioned that they had found a baby hare crouched in the front garden behind a flower pot!

Well you know how much I love hares!!
So I insisted on driving home with her and seeing this bundle of magic.

His/her...don't know which...ears were remarkably long for the smallness of the little body. 

It's said that the mother hare leaves the leverets in different nests in the grass ...in the hope that at least one will survive.

So this little one was left under a bush in the families front garden. Opposite their house is a large field and they tell me that  regularly hares leap in this field!!

Wow...you're telling me that all of this time I've missed out on local hares?!!

How exciting.

Here he/she is...sorry about the quality of the pic ...too excited!!

As the garden is in a suburban area the family are bringing it in during the night to protect it from cats and dogs etc.
...and when the time comes for the mother hare to arrive to feed it..
..the little leveret seems to sense this and is very much awake and waiting for her rich milk.

This gorgeous creature will of course be put back into the big wild world very soon.
But for now the chance to see this baby with it's beautiful mottled fur...so different from a rabbit's fur...
..has made my week!!!


  1. I love this post and your friends for interfering with nature to give the baby a chance. How adorable he/she is.

    1. thankyou Lo...they will eventually loose it in the wild ...when they are sure that it will survive.

  2. What an amazing privilege! Just wonderful!

  3. How lovely! I saw a baby wallaby cross our road last week & got just as excited! ☺

  4. That is quite an amazing find in the garden~ Thanks for sharing this with us ~

  5. Very cool pic!

    And thanks for your fun contribution to this week's Limerick-Off. I hope you'll be a frequent participant. (I post a new one every Sunday and it runs all week.)

    By the way, the blog URL you left on my blog post was incorrect, as is the one you list on your Facebook page. (You listed a "the" at the beginning of your URL in both places.)

    1. thankyou for that Madelaine...I'll try and remedy it...glad that you liked the Limerick.....
      Irish I am but have never been to Limerick...got all my info about it from family!!

  6. awww..this is just so sweet...cute pic as well..would love to cuddle him...smiles

  7. Lucky you indeed Gerry - you know that hares are my favourites too. Funnily enough the farmer and I saw a hare on the grass verge yesterday on our way down to Masham. I think it is quite right that they do scatter their young about in the hope that one will survive. My father in law used to say that a buck rabbit would kill a young hare - don't like to think about that.

    1. Pat ..I thought of you and your love of hares!...soo good!


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