Friday, April 26

Prom Art at Grange over Sands....Sunday.

Another year gone and April has come around so quickly.
Prom art on Sunday.....such a great place to see northern English artists and crafts folk.
We will be there ...unless the rains start again.
I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and making new aquaintances.
The potter has rather less to show this month due to the winter blip!!
But we go and set up and watch the world go by...especially the dog walkers!!
It's a time to dream as well as the view is stunning.

The car is packed and bulging at the seams...

I've been food shopping to stock up for a picnic...just to make a special day of it.

I'll let you know how it goes!!


  1. Good luck; especially with the weather!

  2. Oh dear, and the weather forecast does not look good for tomorrow Gerry. I really do intend to come over and see you one day but at present I am unable to drive again which makes it difficult because the farmer often walks on a Sunday - still perhaps I will get a reprieve before too long where driving is concerned. I certainly hope so as it is very frustrating.

  3. I promised that I would let you know how it didn't ...the rain took over...we set off from the house laden down and soon turned back as the weather closed in. Bah...when will this weather lighten up?!!!


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