Wednesday, April 3

A Poem for Thursday....dVerse week 90

Tea in The Garden

Sometimes tea was taken in the garden
A starched white cloth edged with lace
Thrown over a green baize card table
A cake iced with chocolate, proud on a plate
On a fine china plate in the middle of the table
Baked to keep our young energies up.

Four hard chairs brought out from the dining room
No garden chairs for us in those days.
Hot brewed tea poured like  golden liquor
From a shiny silver pot and sloshed into china cups.
No vulgar mugs for us in the garden
But a porcelain rim made for taste and pleasure
Which we raised to our lips as the sun shone down .

Tea was  made with fragrant floating leaves
No tea bags then but a little silver sieve
That nestled in a dish and caught them in the net
Though a few floated there like a rock pool by the sea
And we supped them up like perfume ‘twixt the  teeth and the tongue.
We were not so fussy then in the days
When we were young.

It's such a long time since I posted anything for I hope that maybe one or two might have some memory of me aeons ago!! followed you though here and on twitter every day. Love to see what is happening in Poetryland.  Tashtoo is in charge and I'm offering her a memory of days in the garden in Belfast.....yonks ago!


  1. smiles. i went to a tea party with a little girl not too long was fun to watch her be a little peculiar with it..a faux was cute...your verse make me think of it...

    1. glad that you had a lovely tea party Brian!

  2. Ah, yes: I, too, remember when tea was tea and went through a strainer. Thems were the days!

    1. The thing about my mother's was the fact that it was not so long after the war and everything was a bit "grey" if you know what I she did all that she could with what little that she had to enrich our lives.


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