Thursday, March 7

The Round circle of Life...

So...this of my southern ones writing songs...
I love that thought...
Well because that's what I did at her age....9 years old...
..and furthermore continued to do for many years ...and more than that recorded in a London studio at the end of the 60s and early 70s...... what...I hear you say ?
Well the mum ...loyal daughter...said to her ...
"Do you know who else in our family wrote songs?...
...Grangee"....that's me by the way...
"shall we google her?"
(what rubbish was 40 years ago!)
OOOOPS....there she is, and guess what the LP is for sale.... what?!!!


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I'm stunned...I want to go searching in the know the ones that everyone keeps under their beds...don't you?...and see if I can find some chewed-up copy somewhere!!!
I google...yes it's true.
But what's that I see?

...I've died!!!!!

Yes that's why the LP is so expensive...I can't produce any more ....I suppose!!!!
Talk about wikipedia.
Yes I did make records...they were Jazz, Soul, of their time, and lo and behold it appears that people still want them!
Well I suppose I should have realised that as I get my PRS through each year....though to be honest it wouldn't take me very far nowadays .
But it's still a nice feeling when it comes through the letterbox.

I've written to the very nice man who wrote up about my demise....what was it that Spike Milligan said?...something like ..."The news of my death has been much exaggerated"....
...or was it ..."I told you I was ill"..?

...aunt Helen would say..."So much water under the Lagan Bridges"

Dear blogging must realise how much I'm loving this!!!!


  1. That's wonderful! Not about you having died of course, but what a delightful and exciting post to read. How chuffed you must be to be in the category of "for those with expensive musical tastes"...and a rarity no less.
    Maybe you should die more often!!!
    Congratulations on this wonderful experience which must have made your day. It was fun and uplifting to read this.

    1. Pam...thankyou for the fun message!...problem is I couldn't afford my LP now!

  2. Fabulous story, Gerry! Wish I could afford to buy it.
    I was in a punk band in the 70s, sadly our record is cheap as muck!

    1. Oh what joy to remember those days 365 tage....I think the hook may have been that they thought that I was dead?!

  3. Ah but after Mark Twain said "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" his sales immediately went through the roof until people found out he was very much alive and commenting on our American life.

    Get thee hence back to the studio and do a follow up, vinyl is all the rage these days.

    1. ah! thankyou for the correct quote!....and thankyou also for your belief in my abilities Mark!!!

      Well I still love singing and do so in a jazz in the garden that I hold for charity every that is fun!

  4. How do we get to hear it, other than by paying £195?


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