Saturday, March 2

...clay feet!

...that sounds quite old testament-like doesn't it?...
...well they are for some pieces that I made many years ago but never really liked the plaster feet that I put on them at the time  ....I think they look rather good just sitting here...
...that high instep is very McClellandish...those in the know...will know!!
..oh yes and the hammer toes ditto!


  1. Many years ago I came across an old shop, just behind Oxford Street, that was being demolished; it had been an orthopaedic shoe shop. I searched around inside, and came across hundreds of plaster casts of crippled feet. I took a few of the more interesting ones, which I kept for years. I wonder what happened to them? Maybe Lady Magnon discretely disposed of them. They WERE pretty ghoulish.

  2. Just like mine two feet. Except mine are left.

  3. I am intrigued as to how these were made Gerry - but I do find them rather creepy (no pun intended!)

  4. huh...pretty cool....a rather interesting conversation piece i where have your feet been? smiles.


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