Thursday, February 28

The Thrush...

It is just the sort of morning to get out there and be physical!.....
So with rake in hand I collected the twigs that come down from the crack willow...I know it should be given another name could get a bad reputation.... I hauled the debris from the driveway...there in the corner a beautiful collection of empty snail shells!!

...the work of one of the thrushes in the back field.....
.....don't you just love these precious birds...
...and how perfectly he ...or she!...has winkled the goodies out of the shell.
Knows a thing or two...perhaps learnt from the French!!


  1. SO perfectly arranged! I'm sure that's one full bird.

  2. Yes, I always think snail shells are underrated Gerry, particularly some of the smaller ones.

    We heard our first thrush singing this morning - does the old heart good.

  3. Gorgeous gates, lovely green glazed bowl, and I'm with your Thrush; I love snails (preferably with butter garlic and parsley).


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