Wednesday, February 6

Restore my Soul...

I have needed my soul and emotional equilibrium restored recently....and today another blow came with a first class letter from the hospital....
I am actually amazed at how much we can take...and perhaps it's as we build on the past and realise we are still here that it happens.
I listened to the wonderful interview with Simon Armitage and Seamus Heaney last week...Heaney said that his work was built on the foundations of those poets who have gone before ...or words to that effect...

Being up at the Bay in the couldn't help but think back to Masefield's wonderful sea poem...
..."I must go down to the sea again,
to the lonely sea and the sky"....

So although I wrote this before I listened to Seamus Heaney.......Masefield's poem was deep inside me.

The sea ,the sea,
The roiling sea.
I must go down 
To sate my need.

My need , my need,
To sate my need.
For elemental 
Wind and water.

The wind, the wind,
The sucking wind.
Within my soul
It succours me.

My soul, my soul
That succours me.
Come claim me back
Come wind, come sea.

This is one for dVerse today.'m almost last in the pub...but just made it.

I'm adding Poetry Jam on the bottom of this post...just found a super poem on twitter


  1. I'm so sorry for your hard news Gerry. This is a lovely poem to soothe though!

    1. thankyou Dana...that's life...but not as we wanted it!!!

  2. i am sorry on the letter...
    i return to the sea to find my rhythm to just listen to it crash....

    1. the rhythm of the waves and the tides restore!

  3. 'Gtong len' is activated and pointed in your direction. Very best wishes, Cro x

  4. I, too, am sorry about the letter... and I do love the sea... it is my refuge.

    1. the sea restore my peace with the harsh city life!


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