Saturday, February 2 pots in the studio!

...did you hear about the man who walked the beach at west end Morecambe and found some whale vomit?
They call it "Ambergris"...and the perfumers of Paris use in in their wares!!

Well we walked the same beach this week, our local beach......I have to say, not knowing at that point about the "Ambergris" and found this!!

The "Ambergris" said to be worth up to £100.000 ....
...what the!!!

This driftwood is to become the potter's next conceptual piece...with figures all along it...
...will let you see it when it's finished.

Some more stuff out of the kiln today made by a couple of people in the classes....both very talented...

Marcia's pot with dragonfly and irises... 

 ...and a close up of the glaze...

...this head of the cockerel by P.W. with a really strong glaze is hard to use ...

I noticed this on the order for one of the potter's harvest pots...
...the fields ready for gathering...


  1. I am just blown away by these pictures Gerry - and full of envy that people can be so creative.

    1. thankyou are you? thought that I hadn't seen you around and hoped all was well!!!

  2. I guess when everyone but Japan was killing whales they used every last bit of the magnificent creature, I knew what ambergris was but never knew its source.

    I particular like the Dragonfly vase complements to the potter who made it.

    The woodcock I think would take its own time to grow on me.

    1. don't you think it ironic that this vomit is turned into Parisian perfume? what a funny world!!


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