Sunday, February 17

Jammy time of year then!!

I saw some Seville oranges up at the farm shop last week and had a golden vision ...
...of marmalade on a slice of hot toast...dripping with butter of course!

You know how it buy something with the best of intention of  using it...
...and then the days go by...
...and the days go by...
... and time ticks on.........

Anyway...there's always the potter to keep me up to scratch with food!!...he likes it!
So yesterday we set to, knives in hand, and with both of us cutting  up fruit in the finest strips possible, we had the job done sooner rather than later!

Actually....I think that one might say, honestly, that this is thick cut marmalade!

.....I'd forgotten that it has to marinade for 24 hours...
...well that was good, as I had other things to do.
 I decided to make it whiskey marmalade and added the whiskey my sister-in-law had given me from the aunt's house clearance......goes with the Scottishness of marmalade I think....adds a frisson of excitement for the morning break!

Just look at the dried up memory on the page of the recipe book....
...well you can see how long ago it was when we got it from the lovely Mary...
....mum.. has been used and used over the years...

Jam pan couldn't be this had to do the job...
...a bit small for the amount of fruit ...
...but needs they say.

Fruit simmering away and the warm sugar added to the pot and a rolling boil attempted...
...the recipe said 10 minutes and it should be ready...
...they lied ...!!

....but the smell! I didn't mind it taking three quarters of an hour ...
...that was mainly due to the pot being a bit too small and a rolling boil  therefore a bit dangerous...

 The potter had washed the jars and warmed them in the all those quirky different shapes...I'm a sucker for collecting a well shaped jam jar...I can get quite choosey over it!

And then all were filled without a crack in any of them and ... comes the hovering potter and says...
..."want a nice cup of tea?"

Get the bread...
...lather it with butter...
...pile on the hot sticky whiskey smelling aroma of freshly made marmalade...
...and there you have ...
"two happy bunnies"...


  1. And guess what I've been asking Lady M to make (for the last few months)? I can see that I'll have to make it myself.

    1. you must set too and get it done...the smell alone is enough to cheer the heart...

  2. Wow! Mouthwatering - or what? Lovely post.

    1. thankyopu Dave...a bit of fun as well!

  3. My mouth is watering fit to flood your kitchen floor Gerry.
    Know what you mean about three quarters of an hour - it is always a nightmare getting it to set.

    1. Pat ...I@m glad that it isn't just my cloutiness that does that

  4. Replies
    1. Toast and marmalade for breakfast!!!

  5. Now, I'm hungry! I like my "Marmi" fruity-tart.
    __Glad to visit here, Gerry, and I thank you... for yours!

    fresh marmi
    its only preservative
    kitchen love


    1. Ahh....thankyou for the haiku...shall keep that one!

  6. I love orange marmalade. Yours look delicious.
    What you said in the beginning is so true. Having bough something you want to use and then one day goes after another and at last it has to be thrown out. I have done it with broccoli-because I don't like broccoli but I know it is so healthy - then I buy it and lie it in the fridge and then ---- oh me oh my how long can I keep it there?

    The oranges from Spain are so delicious now - I eat a lot of them, but I think I shall buy some good orange marmalade tomorrow.

    Grethe ´)

    1. Grethe...
      I'm glad that I'm not the only one to waste stuff through procrastination!!!

  7. OH that toast must be delicious especially with a little hint of whisky. Have you ever made shortbread with a little whisky as it's simply delicious.


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