Sunday, February 3

A poem for Thursday...The Mag 154

What a great as we do a few miles down the M62 from the Library. Thankyou to The Mag for that .
This poem was published quite a while ago...but fits this I hope you will forgive the repeat!!

In the beginning
There was
Walter de la Mare,
Robert Louis Stevenson
A.A. Milne

Rose Fyleman was there too
The Oxford Book of English Verse.

And there was a train
In the beginning,
Made out of chairs
Placed in a row.
And children,
Lots of children
As the words got faster.

In the beginning
Words made sense,
And sensibilities were easy to understand.
And that was in the beginning
When words floated around in the air,
And sometimes
Ended up inside my head.

And it was easy
To join them up
One to one
And twos to threes.
And often they joined up so fast
That they tumbled over one another
In joy.

And that was just the beginning.

so I'm linking up with
The Mag 154 today and looking forward to reading the work that comes up inspired by the Wonderful Library
in the middle of Manchester.


  1. smiles...they tumbled over each other in joy....there is something beautiful to a simple they used to be...

  2. very happy image you bring us. lovely

  3. Definitely worth repeating Gerry and great food for thought.


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