Friday, February 1

A poem for Thursday...Buying jewellry on the Goan beaches...

Life on the Beach

I saw the woman
from Orissa with
clips in her black hair
and many ringing
ornaments. Silver a plenty
 through her nose and
a mark of faith between her
 eyes. I bought the
neck piece from her there
as she with shrug
of shoulders told me
of it's age and where
the art had started out

Now oil and gas have
driven her to this warm
Indian riviera beach
to sell the culture
of her tribe in far-off

Times Business pages..."Vedanta thrives in India despite a rocky ride"...
The  Dongria Kondha tribe protest against open-cast mining in the Niyamgiri Hills...eastern India.


  1. What a joy to look at on a chilly, grey February day in UK. ♥

    1. so many people now take a month off and go to Goa in January!!!

  2. What a fantastic beautiful picture. Her clothing and jewelry is so wonderful and colourful. Oh how grey we are!!!
    Grethe ´)

    1. thankyou for the lovely comment Grethe

  3. What gorgeous people. My youngest son used to over-winter in Goa, many years ago. I regret not having been to India.

  4. The poem is a wonderfully thoughtful taste of reality.

    I wish the fools all over the world would stop strip mining.

  5. thankyou walking man that you understood the message...that this beautiful woman has to sell her heritage to survive...


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