Sunday, January 20


So....what to do on a dank, drear, Sunday afternoon in late January.....?
(apart from give birth to first child!)
(well... 42 years ago)
...any way...
....well of course...think of sun, warmth and perhaps...

The recipe in the newspaper was for Foccaccia......have I spelled it right? ...hope so.

Anyway, neither of us are feeling grand, a bit creaky and achey how to cheer ourselves up......
....bake a bit of sunshine.

First thing get the yeast out of the store cupboard and mix it with some luke-warm water... to check the BB date...
....october 1998!!

Maybe start again!
(do you like that bowl?...the potter made it for me... oh...probably more than 30 years ago...he would throw it out,

"that old thing"

but I won't let him. )

righty ho...and we are off and running...or at least off and baking...
...we think...( the unroyal we of the potter and me)...that the gorgeous Paul Hollywood  would be proud of us as we get our hands deep into the bowls and mix....

"Feel the mixture Mary!"

I'd forgotten how long the waiting is in between each of the pummellings and need to have something else to be busy with on a bread baking day ...we decided!

but to our surprise ...the dough rose...

...more kneading needed....see what I did there?!

...into the tins and sprinkle on the rosemary and sea salt...
...I put a few olives on the top as well.

Oh and don't forget the dimples potter!

...the bread baked ...
...and the family ate and pronounced...

..."This is good"!

There you go.

...and did you know that the name rosemary is really ros maris.......dew of the sea...
...there you are lovely sister!


  1. We are always amused at my 85 year old Mum, telling her the bread it is pronounced foc-AR-chia, not her focca-CHEE-a. However you pronounce it, it tastes good! Yours looks wonderful and I love that bowl!

    1. i love people who mispronounce words...I'm sure it's how the language changes!

  2. I'm not sure from your post - did you use the 1998 stuff? If so, have you eaten it and are you still OK?

  3. I've been meaning to try making this myself; maybe now I will.

  4. How I laughed at the 1998 date Gerry - I have a few things in my store cupboard like that - including ros - maris!
    I must say that the finished product looks delicious - I might even try it. The trouble is that Tesco's version is good and I usually go just after it has been baked and get completely seduced by the smell.

    1. I daren't look at any more of those goods in the back of the cupboard...I might have to throw them out!!

  5. This was a hilarious post - and that bread looks FABULOUS (except for the olives - I'll just hand those over to my husband thank you)>

    1. people pick out currants, nuts and olives....I pick nuts out of Cadbury's fruit and nut chocolate can't waste all of that yummy choc!!

  6. ah i can smell the bread in the house...that is a great way to spend a dreary afternoon for sure...smiles...

  7. ha very cool...that sounds and looks delicious...i'm hungry now...smiles

  8. I'm all dewey eyed - see what I did there!


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