Wednesday, January 2

Starting again.

Soon we will be back in the studios with the groups that come for pottery classes every week.
We waited for a while this year to make sure that the potter was up to teaching..
......but though waiting for an op at the end of January... we say in Belfast!....he's "rarin" to go!

I thought it might be interesting to post some pics of the work done by one or two of the talented folk who come each week.

So these are ceramics made by Gordon Firth...
...a verty talented artist...
...with a wonderful quirky sense of style!

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

I was lucky enough to nhave been given them as part of my christmas treats......


  1. They're superb, and I like (what looks like) the oxide glaze. Lucky you!

    1. thankyou Cro...yea it's an iron oxide wiped clean almost and fired again. this potter is a really talented man with already a Bafta for his work on Yorkshire T.V children's programmes.

  2. Sancho ever the optimist is perfect always looking up to the dreamer. Never separate them.

    1. thankyou ....they will stay together and remind me always to vbe optomistic!!


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