Saturday, January 12

...and another one leaves...

I don't think I was very optimistic about the Blurb poetry book, that I set up to give to the immediate family as a christmas present..... finding another outlet.....
...but to my surprise...I will have to get another batch as I'm down to the last one of the second print!!
Thankyou kind folk!
Of course lots of them have already been published on my blog but somehow in my heart I didn't think of that influencing those outside of blogland.

...this latest one is for a neighbour....

.and you know all about "prophets" in their own country!!

not getting wet

the wet dress
warm sand running through her 
tiny shells
unprecious stones
no point in being
by the sea and
not getting wet.


  1. Gerry,

    Many congratualtions with this wonderful book. I must find it and purchase a copy. It was a very nice and personal gift to give to your family. They must be very proud of you:)
    I am hoping to follow in your footsteps, by publishing a book of poetry in a few months time. I am wading through the numbers and trying to make selections. I have asked my family to help with that process:)
    Happy New Year to you and your Geraldine.
    Best Wishes,

    1. thankyou eileen...hope to see you sometime ...we should have a plan!!

  2. smiles...nice little stone of a poem in the end...i love the ocean but have not returned to it for 2 years...i need to...

    congrats on the success of your blurb book that is awesome...

  3. So pleased it is going well Gerry.

  4. I liked Blurb but then they got a bit exorbitant in their shipping rates...*shrug* I really just think I have 3 in print anyway and 1 for free via internet and that's enough for me. But you are absolutely correct Gerry most folks like poetry when it is bound and presented on paper.

    And your poem true why be near the sea if you don't get at least a wee bit back from her.

    1. thankyou Mark..I looked through loads of the others and they were fairly similar and my niece had already used blurb so that's mainly why I are right's not so cheap.


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