Monday, November 19


The potter got out of hospital today...
....big joy!
He's a bit fragile but back in the chair...wrapped up and snuggled in warm blanket.
Some family arrived with smiles and biscuits!
Very grateful.


  1. Hooray, indeed.

    Good luck and mend quickly.

  2. oh ...I'm liking all of these whoops!!!

  3. That's good news! Sending good wishes across the sea, Marjorie

  4. Hope he is soon fighting fit again Gerry.

  5. Super news, he should stay there in that chair for as long as you can keep him there!

  6. blogger is being silly - i left a message but it isn't here - so glad Alan is home - at least no more hospital visiting for you which is very wearing as Jeff can testify too after my 3 hospital stays! - I'm sure Alan is already feeling much better now he is home - wanted to say that your poem last week is fantastic - send it off to a magazine like the Rialto or to the Magma poetry competition - that first stanza is just wonderful - take care - janice xx

  7. Janice...thankyou for your confidence in the poem...I'm trying to pluck up courage to start putting some forward for the poetry review pages....I can only try!

  8. What good news, Gerry. I see you've cuddled him up in Cosy Corner. All good wishes from here.
    Grethe ´)

    1. we had our first outing today...problem now is keeping him from racing around and doing ...doing ...doing!! thankyou Grethe

  9. Lovely to have such good news. All blessings to you both from now on.

  10. Glad he's safe home! Peace and good health to you both xxx

  11. Happy to read he is out of the hospital and back home, snuggled in his comfy chair, and surrounded by loved ones, lots of tea, and biscuits :)
    My continued best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  12. Oh Gerry I'm sure it's wonderful to have Alan back home again and improving every day.

    I was over reading a Californian blog this morning and when I read Clare's blog post I thought of Alan though I'm not so sure how popular cheese making is here in the UK.........but I thought he might enjoy reading this link.

  13. It is always nice to get the dear ones back home :-)
    All the best to both of you!


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