Thursday, November 8

A Poem for Thursday.

We have a broadcaster who can be heard regularly on BBC radio 4...Melvyn Bragg...
... an academic and an intellectual...but very interesting and often not so difficult that I don't  get the gist of the meaning of his subject!...well almost anyway!
Recently we listened to a discussion about Aristotle....this great word was used...
...Aristotilian Theology...!
I think that the joy was just the sound of this intellectual term!
It inspired me to write this little bit of verse.

Aristotilian Theology

had not thought
 of you 
as a theologian.

I was assured
by Melvyn
on radio 4 of course.
That even
Arabian writers
would credit you
with that.

mount Olympia
and theology.

do we have 
to boast about?

I'm linking as usual with dVerse Open Link Night ~ Week 55

thankyou once again for the opportunity to put some verse out there!


  1. Aristotle was a remarkable man. Someone we should probably all study much more.

    1. i do my best but a lot goes over my head...keep trying!

  2. Pie! (OK maybe cake too) but pie, we have better pie. Ours may come to an end much sooner than their PI but ours is tastier. {;-[O}---Pie, that is the answer to all theology.

    1. well cake we have in plenty in this family...and pi with the clever grandgirl but must run as the fruit loaf in the oven will otherwise be a burnt offering!! thanks for the great comment! love it.

  3. Hope the potter is improving every day.

  4. I love this programme too and always feel pleased with myself if I really understand it!! - the sciencey ones I usually find too hard !!! - love the poem - hope Alan is improving and out of hospital - illness in the family make one feel vey vulnreable- take care

  5. Yes, indeed, the old guy was a theologian -- even if I do know a few clerics who would never agree! Great verse. Puts it neatly.


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