Wednesday, October 31

Time at the Bay.

We had a few days up at the house on the Bay this week.
The sky was a piercing blue and the water... still and quiet.
Lots of folk were out taking pics of the boats
... in the little harbour.

The hills in the distance matched the blue of the sky
and the primary colours of the fishing boats...with the reflections in the water...well... couldn't have been more perfect.

Along the coast by the Red Bank farm...

...sea birds were gathering to fly off for the winter.

Then within 24 hours...
...all  changed...

The sky was grey and overcast and the sea competing with it for greyness.

A little egret searches for food on the rich sandy mud of the edge while it's partner has just flown off into the middle of the sands.

The autumn tide came right up to the edge of the  promenade 
...while the sky was threatening. 

But we snuggled up in the Palatine Pub with hot steak sandwiches and listened to the rain beating down ...outside the  windows!

Then ...back to the house ...running through the gusts of rain...
and feet up in the warmth of the old leather armchairs.


  1. Spent last week in a house in a different bay, in Wales. It almost didn't rain.

    Morcambe Bay is one of my favourite places - one can walk along its edge for hours (and find all sorts of things).

    1. We live with the knowledge that it might not rain!!...glad that you like the Bay Dominic

  2. Looks cold but so beautiful - the colours are so sharp and clear! Pub sounds like the perfect place to be once the sun has gone down though.

    1. the pub is a real find as we can walk to it from the old house.

  3. Hello again Gerry, I adore these first images. The colours have so much life to them. The boats appear on the sea like decorations on a specially iced cake. It's nice to have the contrast in weather, the mood quickly changes as does the focus of our attention to the smaller detail of the little egret. Cheers!

    1. Shirl...I think so was just one of those days that cries out to take pics!!


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