Saturday, October 13

Some pics from the Bay.

I took these this week on one of those soft, still autumn days that I love.

I like this grass ....but it has swamped Grange...and now it is "over grass"...not "over sand"!
We need the sand for the children to play on.

harbour wrack...

...lime and cherry...two trees in the street getting ready for the big shut down...

(still playing around with editing and trying to get my own style! works sometimes I think!)


  1. Lovely photographs. The first three are so beautifully moody, but they are all brilliant.

    1. thankyou Dave...I'm loving taking the pics around the bay. many parts of it are very moody and quite scary as well!

  2. I really love Grange Gerry. A dear friend, who is in a late stage of Alzheimers now, used to love it when we went to Grange for the day - which we often did.

    The Autumn colour in your last photograph is exquisite. There is nothing quite like the colours of Autumn is there.

  3. Lovely! Thanks for sharing the bay with us.


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