Friday, October 19

All Hail Blue Peter.

When the two young Snapes were little...
...there were two television programmes that were essential viewing every week.
Doctor Who....often watched from behind the sofa...
...and Blue Peter.....both of these on BBC.

So how good was that moment yesterday evening, when the lovely daughter
 and author of the blog...Amelie's House...
demonstrated for the nation's children, how to make googly bloodshot edible eyes for the halloween party!!

But did I mention the toes as well?
You have to see the toes!

Well let's put it like this ...actually if you do see real toes like this...then you are in big trouble!
They are for a show in London to do with "Autopsies"
Say no more...they are edible cake and icing.. really!

But wait ...there's better even than that far as the nation's children are concerned...
she received a Blue Peter badge....

!!OH!! of joys ..
.and already her older kidlet and one of my grand girls...wants it left to her in the will!!
Well it is that desirable.

I'm sorry if you have no idea what this is all about...but believe me these badges are like gold dust...well even up to the standard of a medal...
...oh ...maybe I exaggerate a bit ...carried away you might say...out of my comfort zone!

Seriously though I had a tear in my eye seeing her so confidently passing on the banner of
 "Doing Something for Fun"...that she had received from Blue Peter all those years ago.

The potter and I were out for a spot of lunch today in town...and being in a thoughtful state of mind...
...wondered how we two ever managed to produce two such great kids?


  1. Ugh. Gruesome toes. LOL. What a talent!

  2. Are you related to Severus?

  3. ...I just knew that Thingy would love a kind of "gruesome" way!!

  4. By being fabulous yourselves of course! xx

    1. hmmm? was that a leading question? didn't mean it to be.......

  5. fantastic - hi gerry - not been reading blogs for quite a while( diagnosed with breast cancer in July - had 3 ops and am on my first cycle of chemo!!!!!)do want to catch up with you again - are you or Alan doing any courses at the moment - really feel the need to do something special


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