Monday, September 24

joint work

We were asked to make a tankard...and paint the landscape that can be viewed from the Promenade at Grange-over-Sands....oh and then put a sinking man in the bottom of the pot!...well it's all to do with the treacherous sands on Morecambe Bay.

The potter made the tankard and I painted the landscape with slip and glazes......we're quite pleased with the results....hope the order is acceptable!

"not waving...but drowning"...(with apologies to stevie smith!)


  1. Wow - that's so good! Everything about it - shape, proportions, craftsmanship, painting concept and execution, the terrifying drowning man - well done!!

  2. Absolutely wonderful Gerry - that landscape is so 'Grange over Sands'.

  3. Pat...I gaze at it every Prom Art for hours so thought that maybe I could capture the feeling of it...thankyou!


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