Tuesday, August 28

Friday in Berlin

My lovely niece...Jessica...she of the "Berlinified" blog...took us to the Martin Gropius Gallery where there was an exhibition of the late Diane Arbus's photographic works.

  Jess studied Fashion Photography at London School of Fashion...and knew about Arbus's work, but to see the results of a life of photography in the many rooms used is such a different thing from learning about it in the lecture room.

Some quotes from the show...
"A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you - the less you know"

"I see the divineness in ordinary things".

"Photographs are like a stain - it was there, but no longer is".

I like these quotes.. ...but to be honest I'm still thinking about what they mean for my photography!
I made lots of little squiggley drawings about the pics that really interested me...

I was most interested in the way that she set up the photo....light and form and filling the space in ways that I might not have thought of. Some reminded me of "Hopper lighting" or even Hammershoi.She was seeing images and taking shots of people and situations that were way out of the normal photographer's scene.

One of her interesting quotes  ..."late afternoon, early winter sunlight" the best light to take pics!...I'll remember that !

The problem with East Berlin?...tooo many things for me to snap!!I kept getting left way behind the others!

Yes....you know it...not really a worker...a very BIG model!!
But it took me in!

Very excited as the family have bought me Photoshop...so let's hope that my pics improve!


  1. Good pics of Berlin Gerry - the more I see of it the more interesting I find it. But most of all I like your sketch book. I absolutely love other people's sketch books.

  2. Looks fab! I love the beer bus! xxx


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