Tuesday, July 10

The Hare that Lops.

Excitement mounts
The poet’s house
Camera at the ready
Miss not one thing
Not one moment
Not one significant symbol
Then …click.

Out he ran fast
Out from the flowers
Out of the ring of wood
The sculptures of iron
The redeemed of the shingle.
Out he speed
And I feared I had lost him.

There in the corner of my eye
To the left of my sight
To the safety of the gorse
He ran barrel-lunged
Muscle thighed.

And I am left panting
With eyes bulging
And voice screaming
“A hare…a hare!”
Tearing over the rough ground
Away from the poet’s house

Only later do I find
The faithfulness of the camera
With a faster lens that mine
Caught him
Ears high
Eyes staring
Feet fleeting
And I smile.

A little quote from ..."derek jarman's garden"
 "The rabbits have gone - I'm happy about that, but welcome the hare that lops past. A hare is the queer animal of myth, and my, they go fast."

This is linked up to dVerse open link night week 52...congratulations on a whole year of poetry!


  1. Haring along I was, alongside you and your camera, expecting a person:-)
    Well, a bit of coursing does nobody any harm.

    1. thankyou Aprille...I love your use of the verb!

  2. Adorable! This brings to mine a photographic capture of a few weeks ago. I will soon share it on my blog. Thanks.

    And I love, love that cottage!

    1. well now you have me wondering what's coming up soon....thankyou Margaret!

  3. ha nice capture...those little buggers are fast....we get them in our back yard...along with the deer....hop-efully he did not take the muse with him...smiles...

    1. Ahh Brian..another great bit of fun with words! thankyou!

  4. I've tried a couple of times to do justice to Derek Jarmin's garden. Your use of the hare does it splendidly. A master stroke - if I can say that!

  5. Dave ..I read your hare poem and loved it. Thankyou for your kind comments.

  6. Oh Hair Poems...I should have written one for many hairs have I! Long ones, curly and bushy somes and then there are the brown and gray ones but of all the hairs that I ever known and miss the most are the ones I now longer own.

    1. oh Walking man!! how could you lose them?!! or were they lop-ped?!

  7. The ode to the hare
    Was much enjoyed at your lair.

  8. Gerry - they are my most favourite animal in the whole world. I collect images and paintings and sculptures of them. I love that photograph - you have just managed to catch him. I would love a copy. Brilliant poem too. Captures the spirit of the hare beautifully.

  9. and like the hare your poem too is beautiful and the photos too...

  10. very cool on the capture...love all the excitement in your poem..capturing the things that flee so quickly is an art in itself

    1. I must admit that it was so quick I could hardly believe it when I saw that he was in the pic...thankyou Claudia

  11. Poets try to capture what flees so quickly past us. That is often a poet's mission in life, to capture in words what others often overlook or miss or take for granted. To exult in such experience is the joy of the moment that life bequeaths to us, often a gift, one that the poet can give again.

    1. You are right Charles...this was indeed a gift. Thankyou.

  12. Love Derek Jarman's house and garden - and hares. Hoe special, to see that hare! x

    1. Ember...I just want to go back again...the joy for me was that I had the book of the little house and garsden and when I saw it was so moved that the hare..which we use in our art here was just a real extra bonus!

  13. Gerry - have been a bit out of contact - had a few problems and didn't do much blog catching up - so glad I have tonight - love the Hare and the waves one too - glad about your win- we are of fto Scotland for the exhibition at the weekend - can't wait - wantt o catch up with you when I get back - coffeee and cake?!

  14. First time here, er, hare... thanks to starting at the end of the line and going backwards at dverse! This is whimsical and so true on many levels: not simply the click of the lens, but that "click" inside one's own head when a piece of poetry comes to mind. Loved it! Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore


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