Wednesday, July 4

A Poem for Thursday

The Beach Sellers

Two weeks each year
in the sun.
Three beach cover-ups
in the "Spanish drawer".
A new look arrives.
Soft jersey,
brightly coloured,
it swathes the body.
I'm tempted.
Cuanto es?

walk so far
in the mid-day sun.
Straw hats
and sturdy sandals.
Heavy bags on their shoulders.
Always smiling.
"Very pretty"
"Very good price"

This is another in the series that I made while on the beach in Spain. So many characters that I've noticed over the years.
I'm linking up to dVerse open link night 51 again.
Thanks for the opportunity dVerse!


  1. Always fun the characters one sees, nice capture

  2. I like this very 'beachy' and very 'spanish' poem Geraldine. Hope you soaked up plenty of sun to see you through the damp Cumbrian weather.

  3. Very nicely drawn images. I can see them and hear their voices.

  4. very strange..when i clicked on the comment button for the first time an ad popped up and led me to a new site..just thought i'm telling you...

    very cool snapshot of those beach sellers..have seen some in barcelona as well, they were selling sun glasses.. did you draw that pic as well...this is very cool and i like your hand writing

  5. Love the poetry and drawings as well.

  6. I adore a watercolor sketch book! This and the poem of the man with the belly :) are very, very enjoyable. I look forward to more.


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