Wednesday, June 27

A Poem for Thursday

The Business Deal

Business on the beach.
"Buy !
 Sell !
Just a minute 'til I walk somewhere quiet.
The noise ?
Waves falling with the tide.
Carry on.
I'm back next week.
Sounds good.
the weather is good."

He was broad , like a bull,
And his rotund stomach
Had taken many years
Of serious business lunches achieve.
Of that he was proud.

I'm linking up with dVerse today on the open link night week 50.
Just back from the annual time in southern Spain, on the beach!!


  1. I can relate to the businessman, other than the phone and the business. Yes, that bit!

  2. The picture and poem...what a good combination! Just had a look at the others in your photostream. I like.

  3. cool to get a peak into your journal...neat art....and haha...i just wanna tell him to put the phone away and enjoy...smiles...

  4. Great snapshot in time and I love the sketch!

  5. I think I've seen him too! Fun read!


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