Wednesday, May 23

A Poem for Thursday.

...well actually a limerick!

In Penketh there once lived a potter
Who knew a lot more than he oughta.
He knew about strife
'Cos he lived with his wife,
Some grandkids and a son and a daughter.
boom boom!

The potter, his wife and grand daughter all went off to The Trafford Centre as the rest of the family had gone travelling abroad. So we treated ourselves and ate a hearty meal at the Cafe Rouge and thought up this little Limerick after a glass of wine.....hic!

a bit of a daft one this week....but into each life a little madness must fall!
This is for dVerse OpenLinkNight week 45


  1. That limerick is great fun.

    I like that good potter Gerry
    she's writing some good verse so merry
    and she's doing some pots
    I'd say thank you a lot
    for the poem each Thursday dear Gerry
    Boom Boom!

    Grethe ´)

  2. Oh good lord do I to know about wife strife...Silence is a husbands only defense.

    1. Ah Mark...that's the cry of the loving man!!!

  3. Dear Gerry! Have you got my mail?
    Grethe ´)

  4. I love your Boom Boom limerick! LOL


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