Thursday, May 3

A Poem for Thursday.

Everybody knows 
that a pansy's not a rose.
cos a rose grows on a bush
 and can prick you very much
while a pansy's on the ground 
where the mud is all around
but the pansy has a face
full of sweetness full of grace
and it doesn't shout out loud
doesn't captivate a crowd
like the feted blooming rose
surely everybody knows!

This poem comes about because of the Poetry Matters prompt...."Everybody knows!" what a great prompt...because we all know something!!


  1. Well said Gerry, although given a choice I think i would rather be a rose than a pansy!

  2. What fun this is! :) Love the comparison between the two flowers, and their audacious personalities. Wonderful.

  3. Loved this .. my mother's favorite flower was the pansy ~ and it is one of the sweetest, most unassuming little flowers around ~ just like her!

  4. Definitely a fun poem :) My granny always called her pansies her "monkey face" flowers, which I'm guessing is why I'm always drawn to them so much. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. I'd rather be nearer the mud than the pricks.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog Gerry. I liked this poem and the flowers. Is that a black pansy or viola? That has to be an unusual color! Or maybe it's just my computer and the color is a more normal dark purple.

  7. I enjoyed your poem. Pansies are very much under-rated. Roses get all the fame. I am glad you gave a shout-out to the pansy, and am very happy that you found your way to Poetry Jam.

  8. thankyou for the kind comments....funny how one poem just flows and another stumbles along!!

  9. I love the images and words with! Great job!

  10. well i think they are both a bit of beauty you know...i kinda like the ones that dont have to have the crowd and perhaps that makes them all the more alluring...smiles.

  11. Wow - I love the forward push of these words. Love it!

  12. I'm definitely a pansy girl! xx

  13. T=You're right: that is a nice starting point for a poem, and you used it so well.
    BTW, is that rose called 'Mary Rose' by any chance?

  14. Aprille...thankyou for your kind comment....I don't know about the daughter gave it to me so just know trhat it's precious!


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