Tuesday, May 1

A Poem for Thursday

The Two Sisters.

two sisters
side by side
smiling at me
cherry blossom
like pink snowflakes
coat the grey pavement
with colour
in the monotone world
of the fifties.

 reared me
hauled me up
wiped my nose
straitened my parting
told me
"stand up tall".

I've put this in a bit early as I don't want to miss the dVerse OpenLinkNight Week 42
Anyway the Thursday in the title is there, as I was born on a Thursday!


  1. it is a nice homage to those that raised you up a bit...smiles..they coat the grey pavement of a monochrome world...love that...we need the color...smiles.

  2. Love the poem and the pic. Still remember the cherry blossom!

  3. Really like the pink snowflakes. (They remind me of clever things people who know how can do in photoshop but I can't).

  4. A wonderful memoir that brings to life these two from the past, and the way that they brought color into the world.

  5. I love these sisters! They and their care are so vividly described here.

  6. Excuse my asking, but what is the significance of the numbers 153 to 158?

  7. Makes no difference where you got your strength of character from Gerry, as long as you know and you remember what the two beautiful women taught you.

    That last line made me laugh for it is verbatim what my physical therapist said to me yesterday. He wasn't as wonderful as those two in the picture though---he looks more like a hobbit.

  8. Thursday's child has far to go I believe Gerry - am I right? Love old photograph - brings back similar memories for me too.

  9. Wonderful old photo! I'm guessing a grandmother and a great-aunt?

    Standing up tall is always the way to go.

    Wonderful poem, Gerry.

    Oh, I was born on a Saturday.

  10. thankyou for the great comments and the bits that you liked...they help me to think into the next poem...I hope therd is a next poem...sometimes when you write one I find that I think...can I ever do that again?!!! scarey!


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