Saturday, April 21

Visiting Humphrey II

The landscape stretching out from the Head is quite amazing.

A seemingly endless vista of sand and sky...
... soothing the mind and freeing the soul.

Large gullies form and reform with successive tides.

...and strange unearthly formations are constantly being brought into being.

Grassy areas grow and prosper...only to be decimated by storms that smash them and reform them elsewhere.

These are the Eastern Lakes in the distance...past the salt marsh sheep grazing on the herbal plain...

...and the mouth of the Bay to the south...stretching out across 100 square miles of emptiness... the west the blue mountains of the Lake district ...

...and to the north ...the plain left behind when the ice receded.

We climbed up on to the top of Humphrey... and the wind though hardly noticable on the flat sands, gusted and pushed against us.

...the potter thought that he would give the wind a hand in the sculpting of this ancient thorn tree! can only smile...


  1. I can almost FEEL the wind in that last shot!

  2. Wonderful photos of a lovely place. I love such desolate places with the huge sky above and the fresh air around. The photo with the distant lakes is beautiful.
    Grethe ´)

  3. Lovely wild photos - love that last one.

  4. Cro..thankyou for the kind comment. I like elemental places in the Donegal....

    Grethe...the english lake district is really wonderful...that's why Wordsworth wrote so much about it I suppose!

    Pat...the potter excels himself again!!what fun.

  5. I want to be there where you are.
    So quiet apart from the wind, and a [hopefully stray and rare]plane.
    The colour balance of the beige sand, green grass and blue skies is so soothing.
    I know the Fylde coast quite well, but have never been to your area.

  6. We've never been! Will have to try and visit this year. xx


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