Tuesday, April 24

The End of The Line

I'm reposting this poem for dVerse Open link night week 41.
It's one that I like reading myself...if that's not too arrogant!
Also it takes me to a place that I love to go...the seaside!

I'm really only just getting into linking to all of these wonderful sites.
So a big thankyou to dVerse for the opportunity to get my stuff...out there!

The End of the Line

Let’s go and live at the end of the line.
Where breakers fall over rolling stones.
We’ll board the train that we rode when young,
Watch how the steam mists our view of the sea
As it hisses and cools on the iron and the brass.
And the cry of the gulls as they dive, as they soar
Will welcome us back
Will welcome us back.

Let’s board the train that we rode long ago,
Where the end of the line will have water and sand.
We’ll be welcomed again by the crying of gulls
The smell of spun sugar and hot lardy chips.
There, will be space enough for our thoughts
And salt winds that blow away stale urban fog.
To welcome us back,
To welcome us back.

They say that the crust is beginning to crack.
That the cold winds of change are blowing our way.
Yet when I take the journey again to the end
Of the line, where the seagulls are soaring above
To the edge of the tide, to the line in the sand.
The memory of all of things, of all being well
Embraces me back
Embraces me back.


  1. nice...love the seaside as well.. i like that you also include the scents here of spun sugar and chips...make the connection even more vivid...space enough for our thoughts for sure in the breeze...smiles

  2. see this is doubly good for me a trip on the train as well as a trip to the sea...i go there to find my rhythm again, and trains have rhythm as well....but in the sand by the sea, that is where i would rather be...so i hope the crack does not rob us of that...smiles.

  3. I love the passage and the poem.

  4. great imagery, you take us there. Especially like the train/steam in the first stanza. I grow more fond of the sea as I get older, a lot of the reasons why are here. Thank you.

  5. Lovely poem Gerry - I love the end of the line - the place where the train touches the buffers and can go no further - and if that place is also at the sea, then that is an added bonus.

  6. Gerry no need to apologize or be hesitant to read your own work and recommend it. This piece evokes wonderful imagery of life being lived and a home finally found after a long travel to it.

  7. This does have a nice sound to it, and the repetition of ideas and words has the lulling sough of those waves you celebrate. The sea brings such tranquility.

  8. I remember this piece - it has such a nice rhythm. Lulls me like riding a train would :)

  9. Oh, YES. Let's! A beautiful piece that lulls. I need salty toes, now. :)

  10. I love this poem, Gerry. And the sea, the wonderful sea. I long for the North Sea now after this poem and this picture. Thank you.


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