Wednesday, April 18

A Poem for Thursday

If You Remember The Sixties......

One ghost
Imposed upon another.
Two events-
One scene.
Lives intertwined,
Just as our own
Are now coiled together.

And all of us
Formed from stardust.
Yet they-
Already dissolved-
In the present-past
With images preserved
Under glass.
Unpinned fragile butterflies.
Emerging from
Pandora’s box-

Watch them
Dance on walls
Against which
Film is thrown.

From the sparkling chaos…
One butterfly emerges.
A purple empress
A red admiral.
Bright and dancing in the sunlight.
Passing by a blossoming tree,
Sweet promises of fruit.

Flutter of her hands,
Prancing up academic steps.
Flirting with her eyes,
The knowing of the effect.

Then gone forever.
And I am left
To rearrange the past
Once again.

(This poem is a response to the D.V.D. that we got for Christmas. There in all it's sparkling glory were the parents and yours truly with other members of the family in the 60s...Canada, graduatuion and garden parties. Oh my...I have to rethink a lot of it!)
So I'm offering this as a post for dVerse week 40 and hope that it's not too obscure, but that maybe someone else will rethink that era of their past...If they dare!
I'm also linking in to Hyde Park Poetry this week....Hello!


  1. I think obscurity is what makes poetry so great.

    And it must be pretty awesome to have all that old family footage.

  2. Lovely poem Gerry. As to recalling the past - I think we only remember bits of it and then probably not accurately. I look back to my twenties and sometimes can only recall small incidents. We do tend to enhance the golden image though and thatis probably a good thing.

  3. I do remember the 60s. Minnesota at that time, so much more rural, so friendly (for the most part).

    Bathed in golden light now, isn't it?


  4. Sounds like a wonderful "reunion." Wish I could do the same around here. I love poems that conjure up nostalgic images of the past.... ;)

  5. Great poem! It's bringing it all back! xx

  6. it is interesting to look at those old videos...and revisit those can bring it all back or make us remember things we had forgot...nice write...

  7. Made me cry a little =') xxx

  8. thankyou for the kind comments...I really did have to rethink so much after I had seen the D.V.D. at christmas...and that's the second time in two years...they screw with your memories those old relatives!!

  9. reminiscence seems particularly poignant in the spring.

  10. hmmm where do my comment go?

  11. Well done and thanks for reading mine.

  12. sorry mairmusic if you had difficulties with posting...thankyou for your comment...yes I think we look back and forward..that's the look of januar.

    Dave ...thankyou for popping over to my blog.

  13. Excellent poem and I love the last stanza :)

  14. Excellent poem and I love the last stanza :)

  15. I love looking at old movies contributing to memories ... woven throughout our lives. Nicely written -- nice to relive those times! Visiting from Thursday Poets Rally!

  16. I lived in Chelsea in the mid 60's.... need I say more?


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