Saturday, March 24

Tagged by Thingy...Wow!

  I've been tagged by the glorious Thingy. Love, love her blog...she gets nicely to the nub of the whatever is happening...keeps me up to date with all of that stuff across the "pond" So she has given eleven of us a list of eleven questions to answer and reveal some bits of us not yet know on the world wide blogland.

1.Where's the creepiest place you have ever been, and why?  …Oooh! aaah! Well I suppose it would be the house that we called …”the haunted house” …way back in the dark ages of my youth!  that would be in Co Down.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

2) If you could change your accent, what would it be?  … Now then, again in the teenage years I pretended to be French and my friend pretended to be German…mad people.

3) Have you ever 'Paid it Forward?' Tell us what you did?  …Gosh I think I’m out of my techie depth for that one !...what does it mean?

4) You can only save one- DaVinci's, Mona Lisa, or, Van Gogh's, 'Starry Night?'…    Well anyone who knows me, KNOWS that it will be the blessed Vincent and that glorious “Starry Night”

5)Do you carry an emergency pack in your car? What's in it?  …Sadly only mints!!

6) If you were given a five minute shopping spree, where would you go? …Undeniably…The Trafford Centre  neart Manchester. It’s a kind of Greek Temple to buying…I can only cope with at the most twice a year!!

7) Bungee jump, or, hot air balloon? …Hot air balloon…I want to go up   not down.

8) What is your favorite restaurant, and why? …Probably the Midland Hotel in Morecambe as I can gaze at the sea while eating good food…but there’s a fish restaurant in the south of Spain that would come a very close second…going there soon…hooray!

9) If you could switch lives with someone for just one day, who would it be? …Nope! There’s noone that I can think of.

10) Did you have a mentor and do you still stay in touch? …I had a few…one for my poetry from the age of five…and another for my singing career and yes he is still around…the lovely Pete!

11) If you could only eat one food item for one whole week, what would you choose? …Gosh I have to think about this one….I’d like to say chips or chocolate, but that would then make me sooo sick so I’ll say, strawberries as there is an old saying …if you make it to strawberry time you will make it for another year. …I’m thinking long term.

So all I have to do now is request another eleven to be tagged..and then the game goes on ....or not according to their preference! Then they have to tag another eleven ...but only if they can be bothered!!
So here they are and I shall give them eleven questions to mull over .

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1. What would you do if you won that big one on the lottery?

2.Where would you most like to holiday at this year?

3.What is top of your bucket list?

4.What book are you reading or have just read?

5.What is the first thing that you can remember in your life?

6.What is your favourite!?

7.If you could change your name ...what would it be?

8.Did you enjoy school?

9.What would you be if you could be anything?

10.What's your favourite smell?

11.Citylife, country or coast...which is the best?


  1. Thank you for connecting us to this fun and revealing interview!! Have fun in Spain, too!

  2. Thanks for playing, Gerry. What fun!

    Pay it forward, is when you do a good deed, like buy someone's lunch, or give some change to someone in need. : )

  3. Good list Gerry, not a greedy or harmful desire in the lot of it. May you be like Salomon gain the wisdom then the know how to apply it.

    Paying it Forward was a movie from about 15 years or so ago. Now the term is entrenched as an idiom for doing a kindness for another with no expectation of return for the one doing the kindness but an expectation that the one who was assisted will be grateful enough for the kindness shown that when the opportunity arises they will repay the kindness done for them to someone else. The idea is to grow it so we become kind by being kind and that eventually all the worlds tensions would person by person ease off.

  4. Thanks for the questions - I shall certainly take part later today and am already thinking about them. I find your answers most interesting too - think I know a little more about you now.

    Keep meaning to ask if you ever go to Kirky Lonsdale because if so perhaps we could meet for lucnh there one day.

  5. What a great read Gerry - oh a haunted house in Co Down - I knew of a few of those aswell! I had to laugh at you pretending to be french - I did the same thing LOL - pretending to be a foreign tourist walking around Portrush. I'm chuckling to myself thinking about it as I type this...........

  6. Can't say I'm a great supporter of tagging, but you've made a fine post from this one.

  7. thanks for the questions! xxx

  8. Thank you for asking me Gerry - I have done my answers on my blog today if you have time to pop over and see them.


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