Monday, March 12

Ashridge Forest

We were out walking  on Friday...that is, the lovely daughter, she of Neviepie Cakes fame and myself...walking and taking pics in Ashridge Forest , Herts.
Me...I'm sooo inspired having been with her and little sister from over the water...Rosie McClelland... to see the Hockney Show at the Royal Academy, and I'm  full of wonderful ideas for future paintings.
Inspired by the apparant nowhereness of Hockney's landscapes and the amazing effect that they had on me, I'm wanting to take glorious photos of trees and grass, of wild flowers and who knows what else!

Then along comes this sweet face, staring at me through the trunks of the forest.

"Honestly woman, just take what you won't get much better than this".

And off she bound!

(She...he?...I'm not sure actually).


  1. Probably 'She'. 'He' might have had small antlers.

    I knew David back in the late 60's; I much prefer his earlier work (I owned a couple).... but the size of his new stuff is impressive.

  2. A lovely day but we really didn't visit enough coffee shops!

  3. Cro...thankyou for your knowledge..I love "nature" but not great at the facts!
    How exciting to know David Hockney! Well done to be owning a couple...I loved the show I have to say. My sister went on with her art group to see the Freud and I might go down before it finishes but I just didn't want anything to take away the joy of the show for me!!

    Natasha...more coffee shops I would say if I were in Government!!

  4. smiles..what a magical moment...loved it..

  5. Gerry, thanks for your visit--it is the best way for me to 'meet' new Peeps. And this was indeed worth the trip--to your Blog!

    "Between the Trees" was a God-moment, IMO. And you took advantage of that little miracle. YOU AND YOUR CAMERA both speak welcome words!



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