Wednesday, March 21

A Poem for Thursday.

She's Nowhere.

To travel is to be nowhere.
You’re not here
And you’re not there.

If you get the wrong train to somewhere,
Or you get off at
The wrong station for somewhere,
Does that mean
That you have completely disappeared?

And when the train gets to somewhere
Will they find that you are nowhere?

And how will you get back from there?

Yes...yes ...I did this..I own up! and the top pic is of me nowhere.
But the bottom is of the old steam train that takes you up the west coast to the borderlands of Scotland...exciting stuff!
This is linked to dVerseopenlinknight week 36 ...thankyou Claudia!
Also I've linked to Poetry Jam this week..thanks for being there!


  1. I went on a steam train in Colorado once. Got a lot of grit in my hair from the coal. I think I had fun, tho. :)

    I LOVE to travel but these days do almost exclusively in my mind and heart.

    Good to meet you via dVerse

  2. for me tht journey, the travel is somewhere...a destination itself but no where static...and to travel by train, ah i just love many people to engage with...

  3. smiles...i love matter if it gets me's all about the journey... will board a plane on saturday...and i'm beyond excited..

  4. Sometimes it would be rather nice to land up nowhere. They say it is better to travel than to arrive.

  5. How Nice to meet you, Gerry!

    Ireland is one of my favorite places in the world..though the closest I got to it was western Scotland. The green, green, green of the land was wonderful, and I can only think how green is Ireland!

    Your poem is delightful....contemplative and layered. I love poetry like this...seemingly simple, but so much more!

    Lady Nyo (Jane)

  6. I have never travelled by train - I think that's very sad! I need to figure out how to fix that...

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog - it means a lot :)

  7. hey i been here already...smiles...was swinging through for the jam...and just thought i would say hi

  8. What lovely country and an interesting speculation on travel! I do love to travel. It struck me as I read that "nowhere" could also be read as "now here" and that makes some sort of sense as well. Thanks for posting at Poetry jam. Hope to see you return.

  9. Hi Gerry, great to see you here at the Jam, though you will see me at dVerse as well. Your words having me coming and going and scratching my head. Those train rides CAN be confusing.

  10. Fun. I like going "nowhere" in particular, just going "somewhere" that you fall in love with and long to return to. :)

  11. Well, I must confess to having done that too ... in a strange city no less! Connections can be might tricky. I enjoyed this.

  12. Some of the best vacations ever, are a trip to nowhere. No plans, no high expectations, just a spur of the moment pack your overnight bag and go.

  13. Some of the best vacations ever, are a trip to nowhere. No plans, no high expectations, just a spur of the moment pack your overnight bag and go.

  14. I can so relate as I commute by train. Sometimes miss it or get off at the wrong stop! I love the simplicity of this poem and deeper meaning. Yes, life is a journey. Lovely landscape picture :)

  15. Very nice...I can relate to your post. I enjoy these rides as I am not driving but calmly waiting for my destination...even if I get into the wrong train ~

  16. oh that is fantastic....nowhere and somewhere and all that is said is really connecting many thoughts.

  17. I remember being asked such brain teasers by our children whenever we got on a train. It must be something fundamental. Too mental for me - I never did find any answers, but a ducky of a poem that I really enjoyed. Reinvigorating those old memories was a bonus. Thanks.

  18. A fabulous post, Gerry. I love trains and don't care where I'm going, sometimes. : )

    I'm tagging you since I've been tagged. Just a little game. Stop by my blog if you want to play. : )

  19. Gerry I just love this poem - really enjoy your blog - hope to meet up sometime as I only live theother side of Warrington - you always make me want to go to the Bay!

  20. Next time I'll drive you to Watford! xxx


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