Tuesday, February 28

Poem for Open Link Night Week 33 at dVerse.

The Murmuration.

Did Steinbeck have the low-down

on starlings?

Someone did.

Are they held together

by the elastic string of time?

Their timing is certainly precise.

Even gulls

who get caught up

in that display

avoid black wings

that shimmer

in the late sun.

I posted this on the 1st. December last year but I'm putting it back up for dVerse this week.
It's Open Link Night Week 33.


  1. Wow. Every word is wonderful. I read it from my dashboard, and did not see the incredible image. The poem is so fantastic on its own, but a double pleasure, indeed.

  2. nice verse...it is pretty amazing to watch them in the sky...fascinating actually...

    will go in and fix your link again...
    at the end you keep putting .co/uk instead of .com ...fyi

  3. the elastic string of time...yes, that is exactly what it looks like. perfect.

  4. Fantastic... love the photo too

  5. i think this is super creative, beginning with a reference to steinbeck and holding that wing image like you do. very nice.

  6. An excellent write. Tightly written and conveyed. Birds seem to have a single mind at times. Perhaps this is why mystics use them as symbols.

  7. it's a fascinating spectacle to behold, and a most excellent poem of reflection upon it...

  8. love the elastic string of time... much enjoyed

  9. thankyou to all you lovely bloggers for commenting on this poem. the spectacle of the birds in flocks...flying as one has always thrilled me. I believe that "elastic string of time is a steinbeck quote. I like to write things in my notebook when they hit a note with me. But the pic is my own as is the poem.

  10. Great poem. I love a bit of murmuration!

  11. Wonderful-- This is exquisite, cleanly written...I love your focus on the starlings, the elastic string of time... xxj

  12. jen revved
    ...thankyou for your kind comment. Isn't it good how every now and then something really seems to click! this one did...but it could be a long time before another comes along and sings to me!


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