Sunday, February 5

Misty Cheshire.

We woke up this morning to frost and thick mist.
But too much staying in and you end up with cabin fever!
So like mad Brits we set off along the M6 to try and get to Dunham Massey for a walk in the park.
The fog became even thicker as we crossed the Mersey at Thelwall Viaduct.

Madness lies here!

Dunham Massey has one of the most beautiful snowdrop walks in England...
...but today we were happy just to get out of the car and make our way through the gloom.

I said to the potter that I doubted if there would be anyone else crazy enough to come out today.
I was wrong!

There was no table left at the little National Trust cafe just outside the was packed!
So there was nothing for it but to walk further on into the country.
 when we eventually reached the Barn Tea Rooms at the Hall....
...that was also packed...
....but there were some tables left..
so we had our pot of tea and buttered toasted teacakes with jam.

Well who would believe it!
So many with the same thought...
"Let's get out no matter the weather"

Lovely countryside around here in Cheshire.
Oak trees are famous.
And in the watery winter sun, with their branches stretching out like thin arms...
...they are stunning.


  1. I love Dunham Massey but never been in the spring.

  2. very snowy here - we had a significant dump fall last night... not looking forward to the battle to get to London tomorrow morning for work

  3. Wonderful photograph of the oak trees Gerry. There is obviously no snow over there in the West of the country.

  4. I understand that the rest of the country is snowed they say!..I believe that my southern family had fun sleighing down snowy hills this afternoon!!

  5. Lovely pictures! It's all white here! xx

  6. Snow here in France... and VERY cold.

  7. Cro...I have seen the pics in the papers and am astounded!

    Natasha...did the girls get to school?

  8. It has been an unseasonably different winter in Michigan. Maybe 4 inches of snow, a few days of frost then mostly just cold. My kind of Midwestern winter

  9. that sounds like my kind of winter!...we have been told on the forecast htat the weather is coming in from Russia at the weekend...we shall see what happens!

  10. You guys ARE crazy :) We've been unseasonably warm but this week is a good bit colder. I guess my snow is in France :)

  11. Dana...enjoy while you's a topsy-turvy weather system!

  12. I love the monochrome image.

    I find the gloomy weather inspiring.

    Best Wishes for 2012!




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