Friday, February 10

A bit of my history.

I was reading through the post of a fellow blogger giving 11 points of interest about himself and then I saw in the list below it, was my daughter's blog with a "you might also like" bit.
My daughter is the amazing cake designer from Amelie's House and her reputation is growing steadily in the north London area.
I had been her guest blogger in 2010, and had written about my family and our history of cake! So I thought I would post this on my own site to give a bit more of an insight into who I am and where I have come from.

(Have a quick look at her blog if you like, to read the article.)

I'm exceedingly proud of both my children, but I know that my mother and aunt would be thrilled to see the wonderful designs that this granddaughter/niece is creating.

"Early Design!"
(I still love these types of cakes!)

I've just had a look through the family photos to find a pic for the post and I'm amazed at how many are of us all gathered around either a table or a picnic rug.
None of us is particularly overweight and certainly we are not big eaters, but the table is such a comforting place to gather and then stay at to chat and sort out the "world" in our fashion.
Of course that's not to say that when the potter and myself are eating alone...we don't sit in front of the fire with a tray on our lap! I'm all for what the german family call.."gemutlichkeit"..there is no proper translation of this ...the nearest being the jewish..."shalom"... in my opinion!

I often think back to the days in Belfast with the two mother Mary and Aunt Helen... in the kitchen together creating  yummy goodies and giggling about their own childhood memories.

Coffee table by Mary.......the goddess of plenty!


  1. Thanks! learnt from the best! xx

  2. that's you and me both then!

  3. Gemütlichkeit = I would translate as comfortable friendly cosiness! Sue x

  4. Good food, good friends, good times. Have a great weekend Gerry. J x

  5. As I'm sure you know; cake making is part of what we men call 'Feminine Mystique'. When our children were small, Lady Magnon used to make the most wonderful birthday cakes. I remember a huge rat, a shark infested sea with island, and a vegetable garden. An interesting cake makes life just that little bit more exciting, n'est pas?

  6. I wouldn't translate anything as anything because my mouth would have cake in it and if nothing else my mom did teach me manners, even if I only use them in select company. Now please pass the cake.

  7. Cro I am thrilled to know at last that I have...feminine have made my day!...hope the weather is treating you a bit kinder there.

  8. thnkyou Sue for that translation...can we find one word that would cover it all? ...I love that german one and the dutch one and I know that shalom is a bit different but still has a kind of comfy feel to it...have a good weekend!

  9. Lovely homelym comfy post that makes me feel good Gerry. Shall now go and look at your daughter's cakes.

  10. I love the images! Food and family. Just the best. : )

  11. What a great moment, to discover you were on your daughter's blog!
    I was looking through my pics of the family the other day, and they seem mostly to be around a table, too.
    Fine post. Thanks for it.

  12. Your daughter's cakes are absolutely exquisite Gerry - I have never seen anything like them before. I tried toleave a congratulatory comment but couldn't see how to do so - so please pass on my amazement. My sister in law makes wedding cakes but absolutely nothing like this. They are too good to eat.

  13. Pat I shall pass your compliments on ...thankyou!'s amazing what results there are in our children's lives...I would never have dreamt this of this one!


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