Saturday, January 14

Beauty surrounds Health abounds.

You will know if you have read a few of my posts... that we love the coastal town of Morecambe...
...up  here in the north west of England.
My first visit to this little bit of seaside was when I was 15,
and came over on the Heysham ferry with a load of Belfast school children.
I loved it!
The mostly long gone....the swimming long, long gone...
...ah well.
I have great memories of the freedom of those days.
We have a neighbour, young and creative... who has taken on the task of researching and finding many of the people of those 1950's days.
The following is her latest art film, backed by the Arts Council, dedicated to many of the entertainers...
... and joy of joys....
...the swimmers...
... who entranced me and my friends with their syncronized swimming in the Olympic sized  pool to the music of the organist who appeared out of nowhere to entertain us!

......."Give me sunshine".......


  1. Each time there is a nice Sunday I try to persuade the farmer to drive to Morecambe for the day (we are equidistant between east and west coasts) - so far he has not responded. We know Grange and that area and I have a friend in Broughton in Furness, but lower down the coast we don't know at all apart from Silverdale and Arnside.

  2. I've not been to Morecambe. Those old pro's are wonderful, I've worked with some of them on 'End of the Pier' shows.

  3. Pat...maybe one day! We haven't been up ourselves for a few weeks as it gets too cold in the house.

    Cro...did you recognize anyone? They have still so much energy!!

  4. Like your comment on street art on This is Belgium
    The same goes for any form of art, really
    the hares are no exception, they are beautiful,


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