Thursday, January 5

A Poem for Thursday. Carol Ann Duffy.

"You know I'd love Carol Ann Duffy's new book.....!"

I say these things in passing.... and the potter remembers!
So my special present this year was Carol Ann Duffy's new book...
...The Bees...
On the inside leaf of the dust cover is written
"....Duffy's point is clear: the bee symbolizes what we have left of grace in the world, and what is most precious and necessary for us to protect".

They are all so good....but this is one that touches on my homeland.


I couldn't see Guinness
and not envisage a nun;
a gun,a finger and a thumb;
midges, blether, scribble, scrum.

A crescent moon, boomerang, smirk,
bone; or full, a shield, a stalker,
a stone. I couldn't see woods
for the name of trees - sycamore, 
yew, birch, beech -

                               or bees
without imagining music scored
on the air - nor pass a nun
without calling to mind a pint of one, stout, 
untouched, on a bar at the Angelus. 


  1. I can't pass a nun without putting my hands in my pockets so many times had they been whacked with that ever present wooden ruler. Loved the poem though especially the description of the moon. Clever very clever,

  2. She is one of the most popular poets read at our poetry afternoons.


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