Monday, December 12

Petition: free Gulnaz.

This came by e-mail today and I want to spread it around as much as possible for others to see and hopefully react to it.

>>> Subject: Time is running out for Gulnaz

The team are seeing Karzai TOMORROW>>> PLEASE take 2 minutes, to share, facebook, tell everyone you know. We KNOW this kind of pressure can work but it can’t work if YOU don’t get behind it.

>>> Hello!
 As you all know, I very very rarely get involved in this kind of thing.
 But my dearest friend Clem has spent the last year making a film about rape victims imprisoned in Afghanistan.
 Nobody quite knows why the “peace-keeping” (er-hum) forces are there any more, but one of their major claims is that they are there to support the rights of women and girls. Hilary Clinton popped over to Bagram just last month and her main issue was the protection of women and children as the west pulls out.

>>> Despite 10 years of occupation, sorry, war, $550 billion on the military and $50billion in aid money, young girls like Gulnaz are still in prison. A young, unmarried virgin, she was raped by her cousin’s husband and imprisoned for adultery when she reported the rape. She became pregnant by the rape and gave birth to her baby daughter in prison.

>>> Clem’s film was funded by the EU, who have since blocked it, citing “the safety of the women” as the public reason but privately admitting that they didn’t want to “upset their relationship with the Afghan Justice system”.

>>> In desperation, Gulnaz has agreed to marry her rapist. This is the only way she can get out of prison and most importantly for her, maintain a relationship with her daughter.

>>> The story has now broken in the world wide press and the rapist has been interviewed. He has publicly confirmed, on the record, that Gulnaz will be killed the minute she is released from prison.

>>> Because of the press attention this has received, the team have now secured a meeting with President Karzai next week. As I’m sure you can imagine, this is an extraordinary and unique opportunity, not just for Gulnaz, but for the women of Afghanistan and for the hundreds of thousands of girls like her around the world.

>>> I know it seems boring and yet another horrible thing in this crazy world we live in. But this issue and a private meeting with Karzai is an extraordinary opportunity for YOU to make a difference. Gulnaz isn’t some remote, random statistic. She’s you and me, born on a different day in a different country.

>>> This isn’t some hippy, out there “heal the world”, “hug a hoodie” appeal. This is a real girl – who has more courage than anyone I’ve ever met – who risked her life to tell her story. . . And that risk is now more real than ever. Time is running out. Her rapist’s family have the right to pick her up from prison, literally at any second – and they have said they will kill her as soon as they get her.

>>> We can only hope they don’t get there before the team meet Karzai.

>>> PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take 5 minutes to click your mouse a couple of times and cut and paste this to everyone in your address book so the team can take this petition to the meeting with Karzai.

>>> Gulnaz thanks you for helping to save her life, so that she may save the lives of others.


>>> Rebecca Stewart
>>> Producer / Director
>>> UK Mobile: 07725 687951

>>> Afghanistan: +93 (0) 793 22 8883


>>> Skype name: Rebecca.stewart2

>> ------ End of Forwarded Message


  1. Chilling, heartbreaking, unbelievable. Thanks for the post, Gerry.

  2. Appalling. And what sentence did the rapist receive? Sadly (as you say) this happens all over the world..... What's wrong with these bloody people!

    I'll certainly put this up on my facebook page, where I've already been supporting Sakinah (stoning) for some while.


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