Wednesday, December 14

Parties at The PottersHouse.

Well... five parties down and dusted and what fun.
Last evening was the fifth.
We always have a bit of an end of year party for each of our classes, here at the Potters House.
So... it's mulled wine, mince pies and cream and chocolates
... Though some of our lovely people bring other goodies!
Savoury nibbles etc.

Now they have all gone off to sort out their own Christmases,
and the table is left with the sweet remains of a good evening.

The room was lit this year with our driftwood tree.
 I love it.
We gathered the wood from the wild coast at the mouth of the Bay...Sunderland Point.
The day was wild and the sea was foaming...
Don't you just love the edge in winter!
That's it now until the beginning of January,
Have a good holiday our lovely people!


  1. Sounds like a lovely time - and I love your tree too!

  2. The tree looks fabulous, hope there are some mince pies left! xx

  3. This scene is what I most definitely would call inviting!

  4. I love the tree too! And the fact tat you have a label called "mince pies".

  5. stellar post- Happy New Year!


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