Monday, December 5

Magpie Tales Mag 94

A prompt from Magpie Tales for this week....

......The Lunch

School Lunches.

There was always a room set aside for our lunches.
We sat in the desks and we opened our boxes.
Mine was predictable ever so boring...
Her’s was always really exciting.
Her mother made savoury “rice mould” with mayo.
While mine only gave me ham sandwich…
With mustard.

I longed to share her lunch and
Sidled closer to her seat.
I made some small remarks at
Just how good it looked to eat.

But she sat placid and ate her way through it.
And I was left sitting with nothing to do but
Eat the ham sandwich with the mustard to taste
And long for a mum with less money to waste.
For the truth of the matter is now plain to see
There was rice for that girl but roast ham for me.

Yet I Ionged to share her lunch
Slid ever closer to her tin.
And made some little comments
On the rice grains on her chin!

She never weakened!

So many thanks for Magpie Tales this week brought back old school memories and made a bit of sense of how envious I was!


  1. and then lamb chops for tea...........!

  2. I still remember my first packed lunch at school, with a mini hovis loaf and ham!

  3. Natasha...ah sweet memories!!

  4. Yes Rosie...there we go to spare, while next door had yummy bread and dripping and I was jealous!

  5. packed lunches often unveiled the inequity at the lunch table...i like the compassionate heart in this...

  6. thankyou are right yet when we are young we always see the "other" as the desirable thing to have!

  7. I think we all think it's better on the other side, until we grow up.

    Wonderful write. : )

  8. Isn't that the way of kids - to be besotted by things that an adult would turn her nose up at? Lovely memory.

  9. come every one else's lunches always looked better than mine. I loved this. Thank-you for the smiles and a trip down memory lane...

  10. What was needed was a good pickup line based on rice... :-)


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