Tuesday, December 27

Entering a Jewel.

I'm a Pinterester!
Yes I know ...it's just too much...well blame the sweet daughter...she of the Neviepie Cakes  fame..
..she says, "mum you would love it"...underlining the love!
I say, "why would I bother?"...and she says, " have a go".

I'm hooked.

It's a bit like reading twenty on trend magazines at once!
Coast...Elle Deco...World of Interiors...Habitania...Wallpaper...
You know what I mean.

This however is not a new phenomenon in my life...ah no...I own up ...
When I was a teenager, I had a friend whose mother... being enlightened in the 50s...bought state of the art magazines...and there, I was regularly to be found on the excuse that I was visiting my school friend, but really hooked on the pictures and articles in these wonderful papers!

So the photo at the top?...well of course it's that school friend!

You don't think that you can waste a friend like that do you?
To walk into her home is like walking inside a jewel
So the results of my pics from her home...still reading mags...no money ...just ingenuity...that's the two of us!

Living room.





So there you are....
...she is a prolific art knitter...
...has painted many of the pictures
and her daughter......Richenda McGregor...
is the potter responsible for most of the art ceramics.

Oh... and yours truly has one or two litle pieces of art in there as well.


  1. Does she, by any chance, worship at the altar of colour?

  2. What a jewel too - I should need a week or so to fully explore! Love the seated figure - is that ceramic? Looks stoney. I want to look behind her, I want to pick her up!

  3. Oh how BEAUTIFUL !! Thank you so much for posting this feast for the eyes :0D

  4. Regardless of her and her daughters self made pieces, you all must have a better class of stuff thrown out on the curb than we do here. Our house is decorated in found and used as well but it doesn't look anything like that.

  5. Wonderful! A house full of living still lifes (is that an oxymoron?)

  6. A very cosy and very charming home.

    All of the colours possess a

    vibrant synergy.

    The blue pots are wonderful,

    I also love to collect stones and

    driftwood from the beach

    whenever I can.

    Great snapshots too!

    Best Wishes for 2012!



  7. Lovely and bright, but I wouldn't expect anything else!

  8. Some people just have this wonderful flair don't they Gerry - I do envy them - I try but it never works out quite how I would like. I agree it is nothing to do with money.

  9. Gorgeousness! I joined pinterest too - but I think I've only pinned two things. I'm SO not a crafty homemaker type person. But I like what your friend did with her necklaces - I might have a go at that myself :)

  10. what a colourful home that is though I wouldn't like to have to dust all those bits and pieces ........not a favourite chore of mine anyway LOL though there's loads of still life photography set ups potential in there and I could spend hours there! Looks like the perfect treasure trove of memories.

    Yip I could get addicted to Pinterest aswell especially if someone brought out a pinterest app so that I could use it while on my HP tablet. When I need inspiration these days it's the first place I head to.

    Jerry have a Happy New Year.

  11. Happy New Year Gerry......✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ ✫
    and that all your dreams come true!

    a big hug,

  12. A great happy new year to all you lovely people....hope that all goes well for you and yours!

  13. Your second pic from the living room is a real stunner - as are the three pots. Top jewels from a real treasure trove.


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