Tuesday, December 6

December 5th....Sinterklaas Day.

Saint Nicholas
as in the Netherlands
This is the traditional icon for the saint as used in the Orthodox traditions.
Today is Sinterklaas day.

There is lots more information from the experts.
 Click on the Belgian post above
and find out who santa claus really was..


  1. At the first Council of Nicaea in 325, whilst still knows as Nicholas of Myra, he caused a bit of a rumpus and actually punched Arius over some question of doctrine. So, not only a giver of gifts, but also a bit of a thug. Good on him!

  2. I must be becoming too jaded these days.

  3. Cro...me too, he mist have had a BIT of Irish in him...what do you think?

  4. You remind me that it's too long since I last played Benjamin Britten's "St Nicholas"! Thanks for the post.

  5. I think it would be great if Santa launched a SantaCard. It would save him all the trouble of whizzing round the world on a sleigh. If everybody had one of his cards, they could buy whatever they liked and Santa would foot the bill. This, of course, shouldn't be a problem for Santa. Quantatitive easing is a way of life at the North Pole, so much so that he'd be able to pay himself a huge bonus for running up more toxic debt every Christmas than all the world's wrecked banks combined managed in a decade. In effect, Santa would be taking control of the world's economy. Within a couple of years money -along with all the West's econominc problems- would become obsolete.


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