Tuesday, November 8

Sun and Stone

This was the view that we saw as we drove back home after our lovely weekend with old friends.

These are cooling towers near our home and the sun was setting absolutely in the centre of the two end towers.
I stood in the middle of the dual carriage way and snapped and snapped as it went down in between them.
It was magic....glorious....mystical even.
I know that there are at least three sites in Ireland that celebrate the movement of the sun.
New Grange, Dowth and Knowth ...they too are magic, glorious and mystical.
But part of me thinks that all of these sites, however wonderfully constructed and thoughtful .....are really man's way of saying,
..."we were here"....
So at the weekend , with a couple of cement cooling towers in the backround, I took the photgraphs and I am saying...
..."I was here!"....


  1. What a fabulous picture! I'm glad you were there :)

  2. Wow Gerry, you are one brave lady standing in the middle of the dual carriageway to get this incredible shot !
    I've witnessed the towers lit up at night but never by a setting sun.
    I do confess to coming out of the Cuerdley Cross one night and seeing a mushroom shape high in the sky, only to find out later it was Daresbury :)
    I'm smiling at this magical moment.

  3. __Love the Sun between the towers; imaginations may point to the "Sun" as this power source.
    __Beautifully composed photo! _m

  4. i like that post,beautiful pic.

  5. There's beauty in almost everything. Proof if needed!

  6. I will add three more well known places to your list: there is the Mound of the Hostages on Tara, Sleive na Cailleach
    and The Cat Stone at Uisneach after that there are many lesser known sites such as Sídhean in Laois. The important thing is to enjoy the beauty of the Sun no matter to where you conduct yourselves :)

  7. well thankyou all you lovely people for your comments...especially "a heron's view" for the super info on Irish sites. I have a favourite one in Donegal on St. John's Point where a farmer's wife has two standing stones which she uses to put her washing line across! Now that says to me, "I am here".

  8. Hi, I'm with Cro Magnon, beauty may rise from everything! welcome on my blog, and thank you for your nice comment!

  9. When taken together with shiny CD disks, perhaps archaeologists of the future will look at our cooling towers and suchlike and have us down as sun-worshippers.

  10. What a great picture. I hope the digital art of our time survives the test of time so that all that come after us will know that we were indeed here.


  11. I have seen "Newgrange" - so I "was there" too :-)
    One sometimes get that feeling.


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