Monday, November 7

Nut Hatch

Down in deepest Herefordshire at the weekend...and this gorgeous little bird was swinging on the nut feeder just as cheeky as you please.Our friends said that it hadn't been there for I felt very privileged to capture him.

A nut hatch.... they like to eat upside down..a bit like a cheeky kid in the tree.

Are you watching me? You should be!


  1. Such fine photos of a nuthatch. A sweet little bird with fine colours. It seems to be absolutely trusting.
    Grethe ´)

  2. Beautiful! I saw one of our white-breasted nuthatches this summer. Excellent photos!

  3. thankyou Grethe and Carolina...I'm just really getting to grips with this new camera and loving it. So thankyou for your encouragement1

  4. A really lovely bird, and some great snaps.

  5. Lovely photograph Gerry - I love his sleek line.

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  7. do I how good was he to let me get so close!

    Cro...thankyou for the encouragement!

  8. They are beautiful looking birds aren't they.


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