Saturday, November 26

A Murmuration

There we were coming back from a three day break in Suffolk, just driving past the Hen Reed Bed and on our way to Blythburgh with the water on the left. The winter sun just setting behind the reed beds.

There were people standing gazing heavenwards and we assumed that they were twitchers or at the least birders....but no...suddenly out of the corner of my eye I spotted what they were watching...

...the dance of the starlings....

That takes your breath away.

Who ever told them to do such a complicated and glorious sort of combined flying?
No don't answer that.
I want to keep the memory intact.

Forget "Strictly"....we stood amazed and it took me a while to gather myself together to take these pics. The best and closest was over but these were pretty darn wonderful as they moved away out over the water.

And then ...they were gone....

Down into the trees on the far side of the marshes.


  1. We have those birds here too, and I'm very glad about your pictures, because I never could picture them!They're fabulous to observe when they fly, and they make an incredible noise once they're on trees.Great catch!

  2. lo you have said takes your breath away!

    malyss...I didn't expect to get anything. The u-tube ones are wonderful though.

  3. Amazing I'd love to see it! xx

  4. That must have been a wonderful sight! Thank you for posting these.

  5. the pics are really nice,like your post.


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