Tuesday, November 1

The French Cook Book

This is my much used and much loved recipe book of Provencal goodies.
Well you can see how loved it is!
What shall I do when it falls apart completely?

Yes, yes it has a hole in the back, but fortunately it hasn't got to the words.
We all love it and it gets passed around when special recipes are needed....such as those this week!

We grew pumpkins again as usual this year...although they didn't do much, well that is compared to last year when I almost had to plead with people to take them away!

See what I mean?
And the colour isn't grand is it?
However that is what the grand girls had to work on this year.
We took the middling sized one down south last week and the other two stayed up north to be scooped and cut into scary faces and dragons!
Once the pumpkins have been artified the flesh is salvaged and turned into delicious foods.

That's where my cook book comes into it's own.

It's hard enough actually reading the words now after sooo much use...but we manage.
Pumpkin tian and French sweet pumpkin pie.

This is actually one from last year...just to show that it is coming down with seeds..."there will be a harvest next year"...that says. I always take the seeds and give them a good rinse under the cold tap to dislodge all of the gunge...as one of the twins would say! Then in a baking tray , sprinkle olive oil and a bit of salt and roast them in the oven until crisp and delicious.
Anyway enough of this foodiness...lets get down to the season and ooops...
...here come the scary people at the door.
Better let them in or there could be a "trick". Yes I have some sweets...some treats.

I'm making soup for lunch today from some pumpkin flesh that I roasted yesterday.
Normal recipe:-
Onion..garlic..potato..black pepper...herbs from the pot outside the kitchen door and of course the pumpkin.
Oh and maybe a spot of cream in it at the end .
[I have to confess that this was the second lot of roasted pumpkin...as I forgot about the first lot and ended up with charcoal!....some people call me "the burner"...how cruel!]


  1. Heja Gerry! I've got the same book with the same front page. I love her drawings, they fit so well to the whole content, don't you think? My book is not worn out because I'm not as diligent in the kitchen as you are. I just feel cosy around cookbooks!!I've got another one by the same Leslie Forbes "A Table in Toscana". Do you need a recipe? Or maybe your Toscana-book is more worn out than the other one?
    Grethe `)

  2. Ahh! Love that book! I want some pumpkin pie now! xx

  3. I love pumpkin soup Gerry. I read a recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds yesterday - roll them in olive oil, coat them in sea salt and roast in the oven. Unfortunately the farmer had binned the seeds from my birthday pumpkin but shall definitly try it next year. I have a couple of very much loved French cookbooks:-
    The Cook and the Gardener by Amanda Hesser
    The French Kitchen by Joanne Harris and Fran Warde. Do look out for them - they are both an enjoyable read, apart from the recipes.

  4. Grethe...how great is that! I don't have the Toscana book but over the years we have all used the Provence one so much that it's amazing that it is still around. I love cook books and have shelves of them. You just never know when you might need a good recipe.

    Natasha...I know that you love that book...I have a sneaky feeling that it was once your's...but ...no longer you hear me say!!

    Pat...thankyou for your message...I'm glad that I'm not the only one to make a hash of the pumpkin remains! ...but I did keep the seeds and they are delicious..I've heard that they are particularly good for men!!

  5. That book looks irresistible - I might have to scour EBay for a copy!

  6. We4ll I should think that e-bay would be a good bet as it can still be bought I think!

  7. I mean it Gerry! If you want some Toscana recipes from the book, then I'll send them. I'm sure I can translate them back from Danish to English!!! I'm such a lousy cook, it would be better if you used them!!
    Grethe ´)


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